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Welcome to My Campaign! ¡Bienvenidos!

I’m Hillary MacKenzie, Chair of the Orange County Board of Education. I am running for re-election because I can offer authentic leadership experience with a demonstrated commitment to equity and academic excellence for all students. As  Chair during a global pandemic, I have a strong track record of protecting the health and well-being of students, employees, and staff. I believe OCS’s new strategic plan can be successfully implemented through continued transparent leadership and steady district oversight, and I would be honored to continue serving the students of Orange County.

Three years ago, I came to this office with a vision of academic success offered in a safe, supportive, and equitable learning environment for every student. 

To increase educational achievement for all students, I knew our school system had to confront its past and current oppressive policies that systemically impact Black, Brown, and Indigenous students and staff. I also wanted our LGBTQ+ students and staff members to feel safe here. I believe that student success is elevated and staff members are retained when they learn and work in environments where they are seen, heard, and valued. 

Throughout my current term on the school board, my actions and words have consistently aligned with my personal values. I have delivered bold, principled outcomes by seeking feedback from stakeholders, through active listening, and by ongoing self-reflection and professional development. In my first term, I completed over 200 hours of professional development and was the first school board member ever admitted into UNC School of Government’s Advanced Leadership Corps. (Read more about my experience.)

As we enter the recovery phase of the pandemic, there are new challenges on the horizon. Our current board is strong and aligned with district leadership. Superintendent Felder once said, “I will fight the devil for the students of this district”. Rest assured, I will be by her side.

We can and must do more to serve our students and families and move towards a future where academic outcomes cannot be predicted by race or socioeconomic status. 











Election Day is Tuesday, March 8, 2022


Orange County Board of Education